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GIS Geographical Information data products


A range of GIS data products suitable with 3rd party GIS systems such as Mapinfo.
Data is available either from the Livechart database or from S57 data (please call for coverage)

There is a basic cost per chart/cell then a usage fee for each extra user of the data.
i.e. for a single user only the basic cost is required. There may also be other feesand conditions imposed by the orignal copyright owners such as the UKHO - the Euronav sales staff can give you further information

The data cannot be used in derived products without further licensing or used to produced printed products.

If such usage is required please contact Euronav for details.

Key features -

Available as Mapinfo ASCII (mid/mif) or GXF ASCII format

Available as complete charts or on a layer by layer purchase (Livecharts)
Can be supplied with update contracts
Mapinfo format supplied with some default symbols
GXF ASCII format fully published
Download demo data in GXF and Mapinfo format


Due to the value of the data and its lack of copy protection, the data can only be supplied to bona fide organizations who can show that they will protect the copyright of the data.

The two formats have different levels of completeness compared to the original data set so as to meet the requirements of the delivered format:

  • Data supplied in Mapinfo format is reduced in attribution/detail for comparability with the format.
  • GXF contains the full data set
















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