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AST 100

Class B AIS VHF Antenna splitter
The AST 100 Class B AIS VHF Antenna splitter is designed to simplify installation of the CSB 200 Class B Automatic Identification Transponder when its not possible or convenient to fit an additional antenna.

The splitter unit removes the need for a separate VHF antenna, allowing a single antenna to be shared with a VHF radio. The VHF antenna splitter has been specifically designed for use with two transmitting devices (VHF radio and AIS transponder) and has the added capability of an additional FM radio connection.

  • Simple and quick to install, using a single VHF antenna for both AIS and VHF operation saves installation cost and time.
  • Failsafe operation ensures priority to VHF voice & DSC radio operation, even if the splitter power supply fails.
  • Additional output available for FM radio antenna connection.
  • Simple LED indicators show when VHF voice radio or AIS is transmitting or receiving.
  • Includes RF leads for connection with AIS transponder, VHF radio, and a power lead.
  • Operation from 12/24 VDC


AST100 antenna splitter

Why use a VHF splitter?

  • Makes the task of installing an AIS transponder easy
  • No mast climbing or feeding of an antenna cables
  • To reduce mast clutter, windage and weight up top

When you shouldn't!

  • If you want the utmost performance and reliability for both VHF and AIS
  • Need to meet type approval specifications
  • If using a Class A transponder
  • Where long term power drain is of concern

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  • Supply 12/24 Volts DC ,
  • Power 120mA @ 12V
  • Low insertion loss
  • Fails safe to VHF Radio if power lost
  • Simple installation
  • Covers Full AIS VHF Freq 156.025-162.025 MHZ
  • Dimension L: 145, W: 120, H: 60 mm 1M VHF RADIO CABLE
  • FM Radio socket
  • Coplies with R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC
  • CE European

















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