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Dongle options

A choice of security for you product

Euronav products use a hardware dongle (a small electonic device that has a unique electronic number) to meet the security requirements of the chart data suppliers. Unlike other methods, this gives improved reliability, and the ability to run the software on multiple computers, such as one on the boat, one at home, by just moving the dongle between the computers as required.

There are a number of dongle options:

As standard systems are shipped with a standard parallel printer port dongle, when ordering you product you can request a USB dongle as a no-cost option.

Generally the printer port dongle is more universal, but with most computers being shipped with USB ports, this option is becoming a more attractive one.

If you have a recent computer it may not have a printer port built in, here you should order the USB dongle.

Similarly if you already have seaPro product, and upgrade your computer to one that does not have a printer port, you can purchase a dongle upgrade (price list)

Other dongle options

If you are using a laptop exclusively then the PCMCIA/PC card is a convienent solution as it can be permanently errantly left hidden in one of the PCMCIA slots. More expensive solution but very convent.


If you have purchased the plus product or above, you can purchase a network dongle (printer port only) that will allow multiple copies of the product to run across a local area network.

Note: For land based office use, charts have to be purchased for the total number of possible concurrent users.













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