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Vessel Tracking System (VTS)/Fleet Tracking System (FTS) *
Vessel, Vehicle & Fleet Tracking

A range of options is available from the simple standalone DSC system to a worldwide satellite based tracking the location of single or multiple vessels.

Unlike other systems that are web based, using a third parties remote servers, the seaPro family of tracking products uses its own display system locally on each workstation, this gives very fast access to the charts and maps, the chart folio can be tailored to meet your specific needs. This can be tailored to your specific requirements giving a faster and more cost effective solution.

Two examples are shown:

Simple VHF DSC Tracking System

Vessel Tracking/Fleet Tracking System

Note: *seapro VTS is now based on customizationof the seaPro professional system, you wil probably find this already does most things you require


For a lot of customers customization is often requested to meet their operational requirements:

Support for the organizations own/specific communication system
Added Geographical Information System (GIS) capabilities (drawing own data on to the digital charts).
Specialist maps for oil fields etc
Search and Rescue and Emergency response capabilities

Recent projects have included: Equipping the UK Coastguard (in conjunction with ICS Electronics and Marconi) with a networked supplementary tracking system, working over VHF DSC.

Providing London's Metropolitan Police with a system to monitor location of Police boats














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